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It is very important for you to socialize your pup at a very young age. When a puppy is with their litter mates they learn very important lessons when it comes to play and boundaries. When they are taken from their litter mates they then need to be socialized to the outside world early and often. If they are not socialized they can become uncomfortable and fearful around things that they have not had a lot of experiences with. This could be anything from loud noises, trash cans, trucks, cars, people and other dogs.

Their reactions can be highly reactive and fearful and it is much more work to train them out of these reactions then it is to socialize them from the beginning. The more they have good experiences around other people, dogs and objects they will realize that they are not a threat and they will learn to not be reactive around them.

If you are looking for a dog that you can take to a café and will sit nicely under the table while you have lunch, play well with other dogs, be friendly with all people and kids you need to give them as many GOOD experiences with that as often as possible.

Remember always set your dog up for success. If you are noticing your dog is getting uncomfortable with something do not force it upon them. You can gradually approach the object closer and closer and if you realize a reaction from your dog simply turn around and walk away. Wait for the dog to calm down and then begin to approach again. This will require patience at first but your dog is able to approach calmly at their own pace which will put them at ease and they will quickly realize that there is no need to be reactive.

Good luck and remember always treat your pets with kindness!

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