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In my opinion, the fastest way to potty train your new pup, is to crate train. Puppy’s will not potty where they sleep, so if you buy an appropriate sized crate, you can have your puppy potty trained in no time. They will learn to hold it, and not be allowed to have unseen accidents, the more unseen accidents, the harder it will be to potty train. You have to catch them in the act or they will have no idea why you are yelling at them (please never rub their nose in it). When you can not watch your puppy, she should be in her crate, like a playpen for a baby. If you associate the crate with positive things like favorite toys or treats, they will think of it as their den and should be very comfortable and happy to be in there.

When you first get your puppy you should take a walk around the neighborhood to allow the puppy to drain their bladder and allow them to get socialized with the outside world and the neighborhood. When they potty on your initial walk, before you take them into your house, use your command (mine is Go Potty) and then praise them when they are done (good boy good potty).

When you introduce them to your house, you should do it one room at a time. Do not let them roam by themselves; you must keep an eye on them at all times. Expect them to have accidents often at first, but plan on catching them every time. As soon as you see that he is about to pee, say “no” calmly but assertive and immediately pick him up and carry him outside (clean up when you come back in). Only place him down where you are expecting him to relieve himself and use your command, I use “Go potty”. Do not bring your puppy back in until he sniffs around and eventually pees/poops, then praise “Good boy, good potty!” Use an excited, high-pitched praise, so your puppy wants to pee outside more to get more praise. When you get back in, put the puppy inside his crate so that you can clean up the accident.

When you let the puppy back out, again, pay full attention to everything the puppy is doing and do not take your eyes off of him. As soon as they try to pee again inside repeat everything to a tee! A calm “no” pick them up and head immediately outside to where you want them to relieve themselves, put him down and use your command, then praise when they go, bring back in and put him in his crate until you can clean up and keep your focus 100% on the puppy again. This is very tedious for the first few days but it is so worth it. You will have to spend every free second watching them (unless he is in the crate) but you will train your puppy very fast!

When you have to cook, sleep, watch tv, or anything that you can not have full attention on your puppy, place them in their crate. After you feed the puppy you should also crate them for 30 minutes and then take them immediately outside to relieve themselves. This will help them to learn to hold it. Keep in mind a puppy can not hold it for a full 8 hours until they are 6 to 8 months old, so when they are young take them out every few hours for the most success.

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