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Hello pet lovers! My name is Chrissy and this is my first time ever blogging (so bear with me). I am starting this hoping to get a following of dog lovers to share my knowledge and love for dogs with them, so we all can make happy and healthier lives for dogs everywhere.

The first thing I would like to talk about is rescue! It is disgusting to me how many abused and mistreated dogs are out there. I think that people get dogs not understanding the level of responsibility they require, so they leave them in the backyard, forget to feed them etc. I ask everyone that knows someone who is looking to get a dog, to tell them about rescue.

Here are a few things I tell people when I am trying to convince them to rescue:

1. I tell them about the cost savings, a pure breed dog will be any where from $500-$2000, and this doesn’t include vet costs (which can be up to another $500 for shots and spay/neuter, etc). Most rescues only cost $100-$300 and they usually already have their shots and are spayed or neutered.

2. Fostering, with rescue they often need fosters for their rescues before they are put into permanent homes, this is a great way to have a trial run with your new pup to make sure they are the correct fit for your family.

3. I will show them and help explain how many suffering dogs there are out there. A lot of times people are simply not aware of the situation.

Many people want pure breed dogs which is also just fine, just please don’t purchase them from pet stores! I will tell you why in my next blog, and please donate to your local rescue!

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