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One of the easiest ways to train your pup, is to catch them in the act of behaviors. This works for good and bad behaviors. This is why it is so important to keep a constant eye on your new pup for the first few weeks of bringing them into a home. Eventually you can trust them and let them have free run of the house but until then, help give them boundaries by letting them know what is okay and what is not right away.

Now, there are many different behaviors you are going to want to catch right away, most of which will be the bad behaviors, this way they can learn right away what is okay and what is not okay.  When you see the bad behavior, calmly but firmly say hey, ehh, shh, or no, once only. It is the sound that is more important than the actual word, a quick burst of noise said calm and matter of fact. Then show them the correct behavior and praise them when they do it. Here are a few examples; if you catch your dog going to the bathroom in your house, use the noise of your choice, pick them up before they can finish, immediately walk outside put them down where you want them to relieve themselves and when they go highly praise them. If you catch them chewing something they are not supposed to, make the chosen sound, take away what they are not supposed to chew on and replace it with a chew toy than praise them when they start chewing on the toy. If there is no good behavior to replace with simply say the word and praise them when they stop doing the bad behavior. It is very important when training to stay calm and not to yell. Yelling nine times out of ten will make your problem worse.

What I think is very important to remember, and often forgotten,  is to also catch the good behaviors and praise them when you catch them doing good. Praise can be in the form of affection, a favorite treat, or toy. If you are trying to get them to lay in their bed, if they go to their bed and lay down with out you telling them to, walk over and praise them. If they are simply being calm and well-mannered praise them. This also works for commands, since dogs do not understand English, there is no point in saying “sit” because they will not know what you are looking for. Simply hold their favorite treat or toy in your hand and do not let them have it until they sit (hold it at a level where if they sit, it will still be in front of their face) when they sit say good dog and immediately give them the treat, after they get it and sit when you are holding it say “sit” as they are in the action if sitting then say good girl and give the treat, this will put the word to the action. When you pup gets this move on to the next command the same way, hold the treat on the floor and when your pup lays down, give them the treat immediately and praise, eventually adding the “down” command as he is in the process of laying to associate the word with the action.

Remember to be patient, all dogs learn at a different rate. With some pups, you may be holding a treat for two minutes before they sit, and some pups you may be holding the treat for twenty minutes before they sit. The more patient you are with your dog the faster he will learn!

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